WordPress Me Please is a small company currently located in Barberton, Ohio. The lead developer and owner has been working with websites since early 2003, and is well skilled in HTML, PHP, CSS, WordPress, SEO techniques, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and numerous other software applications.

For us, creating new WordPress websites for our customers is fun, exciting, and mutually beneficial to all parties involved. We know and appreciate the true importance of actually listening to what our customers have to say about what they want, how they want it to work for them, and what their budgetary constraints and concerns are.

Just like you and/or your company, we have a never ending desire to do our best to exceed our customers expectations while providing excellent customer service and maintaining meaningful contact that creates growth and trust for all involved. We are not a catch all – do all company, and we would never claim to be such. We are very good at what we do, but we do not do everything. If there is something a customer wants, that is beyond the scope of what we do, we can still accommodate that need or desire. In those cases, we will either contract an approved 3rd party provider for that thing we do not do, or make recommendations and provide contact information for someone that can do what is desired.

We want and will work to be instrumental in providing a better avenue to success for our clients, without doing so we cannot enjoy any successes ourselves!