Effective Presence

Do you feel your current website has an “effective presence” on the web?

Many have asked what that means, an “effective presence”, and the true answer is varied from industry to industry, market to market, and even site to site. Ideally, an effective presence means that you are getting excellent results from what you are targeting, your site is visually appealing, your search positioning rank is higher than the majority of your competitors, and you take advantage of every opportunity your website offers as your most effective 24 hour a day asset.


We want to help you get what you were hoping for when you first put your website online! Many of the clients we work with have great information, and a great deal of it. Unfortunately, many of them have that great content in websites that they cannot edit themselves. We understand that adding and editing your website to be as effective as possible  should be handled quickly and efficiently, and by utilizing the ease of use that WordPress™ offers, our clients have that ability from any internet connected computer available, without having to call or email a webmaster for every little change they want and then wait for it to happen. However, some of our clients do enjoy being able to ask for a change/edit and seeing it performed quickly and efficiently too, which we are happy to do for them.


You know that you want your website to perform well for your business and get results. You also know that in it’s current state, your website is not getting the results and traffic you want and you realize and understand that your website has to change in order to get what you want.